Support Skateparks for Dallas via the Dallas Parks Foundation

Dear Friends of Skateparks for Dallas,

Skateparks for Dallas asks for your support because the number social media followers, email list members, donations we receive is a positive indicator of the passion that exists for this project among our community.

When you click this link: Donate via Dallas Parks Foundation and make a donation (any amount is amazing) you are donating to the Dallas Parks Foundation. But sure to designate the “Skateparks for Dallas Fund” in the pull down when making your donation.

The Dallas Parks Foundation (a 501(c)(3) is a wonderful organization that supports the more than 380 parks in the Dallas Parks system, as well as summer camp, swim lessons and more for all Dallas citizens. The Dallas Parks Foundation also supports Skateparks for Dallas, and has enabled us to make the progress we have.

  1. The Skatepark is funded for $4M by the city of Dallas Parks bond from 2017

  2. A site has been selected by the city

  3. Elected officials are supporting our project, and they need your input also.

  4. Our email list and social media have grown tremendously. Join the list now.

  5. Your donations will hep us create programming, including lessons, contests, and events that build more community around the skatepark.

Thank you for your support, and enjoy some of our recent skateboarding related photos. All of these were taken by SP4D at recent skate events held at private events inside the city. Skateboarding already creates positive community in our city, and this project is a chance to enhance the positive momentum.

Thank you for your continued support.


Clinton Haley & Nick DiCarlo

Skateboard Lessons
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