Bachman skatepark shoutout on TC Fleming's podcast

TC Fleming (@TC13010 on Twitter) hosts a podcast called All (Dallas) Politics is Local. (My favorite Android podcast player is Pocket Casts). TC also works at The Ticket, and he recently spoke with Majed Al-Ghafry from the Dallas City Managers Office, who is in charge of the Dallas Bond Program

In the podcast, TC asks about the Bachman Lake Skatepark project, and Mr. Al-Ghafry gives a great response... very much worth a listen. The highlights are:

  1. The skatepark project is on a high ranking city manager's radar
  2. Highlights the value of skateparks for communities from his work in other cities
  3. $4M+ allocated to the project in the bond
  4. Recognizing the importance of getting community input and professional design input into the project.

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