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Direct Message @skateparksfordallas on Instagram if you are interested in this project

Skateparks for Dallas Instagram

Skateparks for Dallas is a community organization that is championing skateboarding and skatepark construction in Dallas. Since skateboarding is such a visual medium, we have this website, a Facebook page, and Instagram. Our pages and follow list are inspired by the many talented skaters in Dallas who are making our city look amazing online.

When we write posts about parks or skaters, we ask our subjects for photos they have to help our content look great. But we can do more. We would like to showcase local skaters on our Instagram with original photos of our own.

We are seeking an aspiring skate photographer as a volunteer, who can visit the DFW area parks, meet skaters and take great photos and video clips for our social media (with the skater's permission of course). We are also interested in skate photos that play up Dallas as a city itself and venue for skating, like these from @calebcharleskutchin and @dailydallasinstallments

The DFW skate scene has several amazing photographers & skaters... here are some of our favorite posts from the last few months. Our hope is that SP4D photographer will add a new set of eyes to the local scene and help enhance the great accounts that are already active.

DM our Instagram account @skateparksfordallas if you are interested

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