The Coolest Girls in Dallas are at Guapo

One of the gems of Dallas hides in plain sight, adjacent to Deep Ellum. Once you know it is there, you wonder how you ever missed it, but until you do, it might as well be the Loch Ness monster. But follow the right Instagram accounts in town and you can keep up with Guapo.

Jeff Phillips SIMS Skateboard

The Guapo skatepark is legendary in Dallas, its the heart of the city's skate community, and it deserves its own post (some day). Until then, just know that pro board releases, contests, and Go Skate Day, plus the daily habit of skating (#skateeveryday) are all celebrated at Guapo regularly. Kids and adults alike take skate lessons there, and the Texas Skateboard museum is going to be amazing. And even if some in Dallas are sleeping on Guapo, just know that the world is not. When the cast of Skate Kitchen (IMDB) was in town to premier their film at the Oak Cliff Film Festival, they hosted their after-party skate event at Guapo. 

Since Guapo celebrates all things skateboarding, they also celebrate the ladies who skateboard with their weekly "Girls Sesh" on Sundays, providing a safe place to learn, meet other skaters, and have fun on all the ramps and rails that Guapo provides, not to mention the #notsodeepellumbowl. But that wasn't enough, Glenn at Guapo decided to take things to the next level on August 5th and host the Ladies Skate Jam on a not-that-hot-for-Texas-in-August day. 

The Ladies Skate Jam drew skaters of all levels and from as far as San Antonio. They found Guapo, braved the heat, and pushed each other to new heights... that's why all the Skate Jammers are the Coolest Girls in Dallas. It it was amazing to see the skills progression everyone achieved while there. Skating is about persistence and practice and the 6 hour jam created the perfect venue. The Jam also illustrates that skaters are everywhere, and they might just be hiding in plain sight. Check out the photos below. More photos and videos will be on our Instagram in the days ahead.

The Guapo Skate Jam vividly illustrates that a skatepark is more than just ramps, and some space to roll around, a skatepark is a community and a gathering place for people to have fun, challenge themselves and live life to its fullest. Guapo is a labor of love for the team that runs it, and their passion shows in the experiences people have there. Long Live Guapo!

Skateparks for Dallas's mission to build a great public park is inspired by the kind of community and energy that a place like Guapo brings, and we hope to be able to program the park, and provide even more safe, friendly and quality skateparks, in the spirit of Guapo. Join the email list to keep up to date with all the latest news about the Dallas skatepark project.