Bachman Lake Visit October 22

This afternoon I had the occasion to stop by Bachman Lake Park, and visit the intended location for the upcoming public Dallas skatepark. The skateboard area will be in a location currently inhabited by a Dallas Parks and Recreation Department Maintenance Facility.

Dallas Parks & Recreation Department Maintenance Facility // Future Skatepark

Dallas Parks & Recreation Department Maintenance Facility // Future Skatepark

This will be the 2nd local skatepark in Dallas. The current one is called East Dallas Skatepark or Lakeland Hills Skatepark, located 2600 St. Francis Street.  Lakeland Hills is a fine park, but it isn't large, and it is a permanent concrete facility like neighboring cities and other big cities host. The vision for the Dallas Skatepark is to be similar to what Houston has:

Dallas Skatepark Vision Houston Skatepar

The Bachman Lake location affords a host of advantages, including proximity to an existing beautiful park, with parking and other things to do, but also its proximity to DART's Bachman Station. This is a panorama of my visit

Beautiful Bachman Lake Location for a Skatepark

The Bachman Station is off the Green and Orange Line, and is easily walking or skating distance from the station to the park entrance

Proximity to DART Bachman Station... very walkable

The tracks pass close enough to get a good photo of the train going by from the lake's dam

View of the DART train passing by the Bachman Lake Skatepark
Panorama from the lake side of the likely location for the upcoming Dallas Skate Park

Skate park will be located right by the park, the dam for Bachman Lake, and those buildings behind the trees are the current Parks Department location that will be replaced with a high quality concrete skatepark.  The recently held Skate or Die Fest had its skate competition at Gas Monkey Live! concert venue which is located about 2.5 miles away. It would be amazing to have a world class venue in Dallas for skate competitions to be held. Bachman Lake is located about 8 miles from Downtown Dallas.  Join our email list to stay updated about the park itself