Skatepark Builders of DFW's Best Public Parks (Updated)

We spent the day sleuthing Google and triangulating sources to attempt to list the builders for the best skateparks in DFW. Let us know if we missed any. Read about DFW's skateparks and the Golden Age of DFW skating being now.

Update (February 7, 2018) --> as a result of this post, we had the chance to speak to Trevor Morgan of New Line Skateparks (Vancouver) and Yann Curtis of SPA Skateparks (Austin). New Line and SPA Skateparks have partnered to collaborate exclusively in the state of Texas, bringing their skills and experience together as Design+Build experts for all of their Texas skate park projects. 

These two companies have worked on nearly every one of DFW's premeir parks, so the skatepark near you is probably from from New Line + SPA Skatepark. Here is their list:

  • Plano' Carpenter Park concrete skatepark will be 20,000 sqft when completed. It is currently under construction now.
  • The Colony Skatepark, which is a conversion from modular to concrete and expanded to 12,000 sqft, opening December 16, 2017
  • Frisco Skatepark at Northeast Community Park opened in August 2017, and is 47,000sqft
  • Chisholm Trail in Fort Worth, 13,000sqft
  • Watauga Skatepark
  • Roanoke Skatepark is 20,000 sqt and was built to reflect the city's unique dining tradition with unique features such as a spoon and butter knife feature
  • Arlington's massive Vandergriff skatepark is 30,000 sqft was completed in 2014
  • McKinney's 30,000 sqft park kicked off DFW's skatepark golden age of modern skatepark design in 2013

California Skateparks: credits include 350 parks, including X-Games courses but also DFW's own Lively Skatepark (Irving) and Railroad Skatepark (Lewisville), in partnership with Site Design Group.

Site Design Group: partnered with California Skateparks for Lively and Railroad, but also created the huge Edge at Allen Station (Allen)

Spohn Ranch: has built several of the smaller parks around DFW, including Providence Village and Cody Rocomontes Memorial Park (Arlington).

Dallas' own St. Francis at Lakeland Hills Park has ramps from modular ramp builder Skatewave, providing some skate obstacles until we can get the real concrete park at  Bachman Lake built.

Skateparks for Dallas welcome readers to email us or comment here about any great builders that we haven't listed.  Our research suggests that some of the other big parks in Texas, such as Jamail and North Houston (Spring) in Houston and parks in Austin were built by Grindline (Seattle)