Skateparks for Dallas Sticker Survey

Skateparks for is looking to make some stickers to share with the skate community to build awareness of our brand. The first step is figuring out what we should put on the sticker, beyond the URL. These images share where the reference came from, but we would need help turning these images into our own original artwork.  Here are some ideas, please vote for your favorites below:

SkaterBIRD by Brad Oldham Sculpture
Dallas artist Brad Oldham created SkaterBIRD. We would ask Brad if we could use an image of his art
Traveling Man by Brad Oldham Sculpture
Traveling Man pops up around Deep Ellum, and he looks like he could skate
Skate deck with a Star
Many sports in Dallas have star in their icon, a skate deck with a star
Dallas May Pegasus Flag
Mr. Dallas May created this Pegasus image as a proposed new flag for the city of Dallas
Longhorn's of Pioneer Plaza
Pioneer Plaza features a Longhorn drive, looking back to Dallas's heritage in the cattle business
The Eye, Downtown Dallas
Joule Hotel hosts this 30ft eyeball by artist Tony Tasset
SP4D in bold letters, with the URL below...